Foundation for the Philosophy of Reality

Posted Jul 09, 2010

Long ago, I found my beliefs didn't fall completely into any of the religions, political groups, or any other "official" groups out there. I decided I wanted to explain my beliefs in detail, but saying I'm a "this" or "that" didn't work, because often half of "this" group I disagreed with and "that" group wasn't any better. So, I decided I needed my own group. Well this requires a sort of formal "declaration" or naming of what I believe, so any who might agree with me have something to call it.

Since my beliefs are based on the desire to understand the universe and everything around me as it truly is, I've decided to call it The Philosophy of Reality.

Any decent philosophy, religion, etc. must be based on a foundation of some kind. The better that foundation, the stronger you can build upon it.

So I based my personal philosophy on what I felt was the most basic law of the universe:

The Law of Cause and Effect.

This basic concept which says "every effect has a cause" is the basis of all current scientific understanding. It is the fundamental foundation to scientific research, study, home building, cooking, cleaning… In fact every aspect of our understanding of the universe is based on some form of cause and effect. And yet I believe the vast majority, even scientists may underestimate the power of this law.

Hopefully, we can use this law, and the sub-laws I mention later on to get a better view of the things around us.

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