Helpful Questions for Understanding True Reality

Posted Jul 13, 2010

In our quest to understand Realty, there are a few questions we can use to make sure we are not making huge mistakes or simply deluding ourselves.

What if it's bigger/smaller?
Bigger items are made by smaller items, so if our concepts work for big items, but can't account for the smaller parts, there is a fundamental flaw we must fix. The same is true for the reverse idea.
For example: Is the way we understand atmosphere in harmony with the way we understand the actions of gaseous atoms?

What happened before, after and beyond?
The idea is simple: Things don't stop at any moment. There is no "happily ever after", only because something occurs after "ever after." If we can't account for the time before, after or the distance beyond a location, we may have a problem.
For example: what happens before a star is born?

Where did it appear/disappear to?
Things do not simply disappear. Their atoms/building blocks don't move into nothingness. Nor do they come from "a great big nothing." We must be able to understand where something goes and where it came from.
For example: when something explodes, where do the atoms of that item move to?

Are we pushing the question to another location?
Are we explaining a question (or actually avoiding it) by simply pushing the problem back or forward another step?
For example: if Gods created the Universe, what/who created the Gods?

These and other questions should be considered carefully during our studies.

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