The Size and Age of the Universe

Posted Jul 14, 2010

Just how old is the universe? How big is it? The current Big Bang theories figure the age to be ~14 billion years old. The size is estimated to be ~equivalent to a volume of about 41 decillion cubic light-years. (yes, yes, Wiki sucks as a source. However, for purposes of this post, the actual size and age estimates are irrelevant.)

However, the truth, I believe is much, much older and bigger.

I must admit those that truly comprehend the universe understand that these age and size figures are simply estimates of the age and size of the "observable universe". However, some believe these numbers to be the age and size of the actual true universe. Shame on them.

So, if the universe is larger (and older) then we can currently see, how can we guesstimate it?

Let's try to imagine the "edge of the universe". What must it be made of? There are only two options of what the edge might consist of:

  1. Empty space
  2. An impenetrable barrier of some sort

However, we have already determined that empty space, regardless of the amount or distance, does in fact makes up part of the universe. Since the pot can not contain itself, this leaves us with only one option: a barrier.

So if the edge of the universe is in fact a physical barrier, that leaves further questions:

In terms of thickness, a barrier at the edge of the universe can only be either:

Under both cases, if we remain with the definition of the universe as "everything that exists everywhere and for all time", then any conceptual barrier, and whatever exists on the other side, must, by definition, be parts of the universe as well. In short, the concept falls under its own weight.

There is no possible concept of an "edge to the universe" that can possibly get past this basic problem.

Since no conceptual edge to a universe can exist, the only possible conclusion must be: The universe is infinite in size.

As for age, we have already determined that before. Time itself has no beginning and no end. C&E has none either. and since C&E requires matter and space as well as time...

The universe is infinite in both size and age.

That is a very hard concept to wrap our minds around. However if we are honest with ourselves, these are the most logical conclusions we can make, as any others simply can't hold up to honest scrutiny.

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