Why Organized Religions Are Losing Customers

Posted Sep 15, 2010

In another huge example of people leaving organized churches, Belgium is experiencing a huge rise in "de-baptisms". Here's why.

We'll skip the "Gods exist/don't exist" debate. That's not even the issue here. Many are officially leaving their churches, but they still believe in their God(s), and that's fine. (Yes, I'm an Atheist, but I also believe religion is personal choice.)

It's not even fully about the pedophile scandal. A single scandal, no matter how bad, wouldn't be enough to make this many leave.

The bottom line is this is all a culmination of hundreds of years of trying to fight against Reality.

Reread my post about truth, and the first rule of understanding and compare those basic concepts to the actions of the Catholic church.

Their actions run contrary to The First Rule:

And their reward is simple: Less customers.

The Churches aren't the only guilty groups, by the way. Many official political organizations, such as the Republican and Democrat parties here in the USA are also experiencing reduction in numbers due to their inability to respond to Truth.

For those who leave the church over frustration of their actions, do me a favor. Do not turn Atheist out of simple hatred for the organized Church. Your true beliefs of whether God(s) exist or not don't change simply due to hatred. Admit you still believe in your God(s), and enjoy your beliefs either in a less organized fashion, or find an organization that upholds your beliefs and hopefully, you can feel comfortable with.

Or perhaps, you personally can find the strength to create your own organization that upholds all that you hold dear, and eliminates all those faults you found in the old ones.

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