Laws of Cause & Effect

Posted Sep 16, 2010

As I said before, the simple concept of cause and effect, once explored carefully, leads to certain inbred truths or "sub-laws" that we must understand if we are to gain the best understanding of the universe around us.

The Sub-Laws of Cause and Effect

These laws, once examined, lead to certain ideas we'll look at later. I may build upon these sub-laws or adjust them later as needed (based on what we can learn), but these are the basic foundations I base my personal beliefs and ideas upon. If an idea is presented to me, which somehow fails to meet the above law/sub-laws, I place in the "possibly incorrect" section. This is the first major hurdle I place in front of any ideas Iím exposed to or come up with. If they pass this basic test, I allow myself to consider it based on other criteria.

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