Cause and Effect Without Humans

Posted Sep 21, 2010

Perhaps the first and most important ramification we must learn is that general cause and effect happens regardless of human understanding or knowledge of it.

Activity occurs all throughout the universe long before we existed. They occurred long before we discover them. They occur whether or not we get the details right. They occur long after we are gone.

It is not our discovery of something that makes it a realty. A newly discovered planet or species of animal or better understanding of some occurrence did not bring those things into creation. They were already there. We simply didn't know about them. The Earth and other planets revolved around the sun long before we understood what was happening. The effects of gravity on a round planet were going on long before the time we mistook the world for being flat. It will go on long after we improve our understanding of the process.

A specific cause/effect relation will occur regardless of whether anyone knows of it, or even misunderstands it.

We must also acknowledge the effect these new lessons have on us humans. As we improve our understanding about specific causes and effects, we are affected in that this new knowledge is used for our benefit.

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