The Four Main Laws

Posted Sep 28, 2010

Throughout all human history, every group has had rules and laws that everyone is expected to live by. Sometimes they are transmitted verbally, in the case of small groups. Other times, they are written down and all within that group is asked to read and obey those laws or rules.

These laws/rules can cover everything from what you can and cannot wear, where you can go, even who you are supposed to associate with. They cover issues of safety, community and most importantly crime.

Every household has their own rules. Every city has theirs. Every state and every country all have different laws.

However, when you cover the biggest issue of crime, there are four and only four laws that are consistent with practically every culture.

From the 10 commandments, to the most basic aboriginal tribe, there are 4 main crimes that, if ever ignored, brings certain destruction to the community.

The reasons these laws are important are not built on some religious reason. Whether some God(dess) decreed them or not doesn't change the fact that we need these four laws. They are the corner stone of proper human interaction on all levels from a single family, all the way up to nations dealing with each other.

These four laws are:

  1. Theft
  2. Assault
  3. Murder
  4. Attempting to avoid punishment

The definitions of these crimes are very simple:

Theft = Taking the property of someone else without their consent
Assault = Attacking and intentionally causing harm to someone else without their consent
Murder = Taking the life of someone else without their consent
Attempting to avoid punishment = Doing any/all of the above three, and then trying to escape punishment for the crime

Any society/culture/group of humans that allows any of the above four crimes is doomed to failure.

Yes there are degrees of crime.

When any of these crimes are committed and the guilty person(s) are found, the punishment must fit the crime. If the criminal walks away after punishment with any extra above what they had before the crime, they are much more willing to commit the crime again.

Suggested punishments for the 4 main laws are:

  1. Theft = Return ALL that was stolen and fined 5% extra
  2. Assault = Pay ALL medical bills and replace/repair all damaged property related to the attack plus fined 5% extra
  3. Murder = Pay ALL funeral/related expenses plus fined 100% extra
  4. Attempting to avoid punishment = Pay all bills related to their flight from justice plus fined 5% extra

1/2 of the fines will go to the victims, and the other 1/2 will go toward paying the justice system.

If they are unable to pay their bills & fines, they must perform work labor until the equivalent of the bills/fines above and beyond the costs of the employment is paid for. However, the criminals property can not be confiscated or taken to pay for any bills. Regardless of their criminal activity, if they bought that stuff with their own money, it belongs to them. They cannot be forced to sell it to pay their debts.

With these 4 laws in effect, and proper punishment given to those that break them, than the rest of the laws and rules a society lives under is merely details, and I'm fine with that.

But woe be to any society that ignores these four fundamental laws.

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