The USA Law Enforcement System is Broken

Posted Nov 02, 2010

In conjunction with my post about the Justice System, I want to mention the problem that law enforcement is currently experiencing.

Unlike the problem of the justice system I mentioned, this one is a semi-recent problem brought about by the ill-intentioned actions of those who run the police. And I mean those who truly run the police.

Years ago, at some point in time, some city or county official realized that the revenue that was raised by simple traffic tickets was a considerable source of profit for the local government coffers. Word spread, and quickly, more and more laws were made that required the local police to hand out tickets that charged those "law breakers" various amounts of fines.

And very rapidly less emphasis was placed on police catching actual criminals, or as I said before, those who stole, assaulted or murdered. Instead the main activity of the police were changed to bother good citizens who may do nothing worse than drive a bit faster than the "legally prescribed" speed limit, or some other "law concerning public safety".

The police force has been changed from actual law enforcement to Internal Revenue. Oh, they are allowed (and required) to deal w/ actual criminals, however, this action is most certainly NOT their main activities any more.

And I, for one, believe wholeheartedly that this use of law enforcement is absolutely the wrong way to improve the community.

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