How to Tell Which Side is Most Likely Right

Posted Apr 17, 2011

There are a lot of issues that have such powerful arguments from both sides:

If you are ever in doubt as to which side is most likely right, here's how to tell:

Pay close attention to the news and information both sides release into the public. Now double check the facts they base their arguments on.

After careful examination, you'll find that one side is using false, or misleading data quite a bit more often than the opposing side. I don't mean just repeating a single bad statistic, I mean repeatedly making false claims about their opponent, and falsifying the facts to fit their agenda. Attacking someone and calling them names, while conveniently neglecting to reply to their accusations, facts, and figures.

Whichever side of an argument has to resort to false information, that side is most likely wrong and you should steer clear of them at all costs.

Remember as I hinted at when I explained why we should try to understand Reality, and illustrated better when I posted why Truth is so important, the longer you go on basing your actions on incorrect information, the more risk you run of getting caught in a very bad situation.

If you find that in order to combat your foe, you need to resort more and more to falsifying data, using propaganda, etc., or if the groups that share your point of view are lying to you and others, the more likely that you're on the wrong side. And the sooner you realize this and change as needed, the better you'll be in the long run.

Yes, there are cases where both sides resort to propaganda. So what should you do?

Find which specific people/groups are the most offending liars (regardless of position on the topic) and remove yourself from their spheres of influence.

Repeat this process as needed until you are left with those who are giving you as much correct information as you can reasonably assume you'll get. (For example, during a country vs country war, if you're just a private citizen with no military connection, don't assume you'll ever get correct information about planned attacks and war strategies. However, be wary of reports of attacks by "the enemy" showing them to be heartless, uncaring monsters.)

Once you've removed the most obvious liars, and have weeded away their propaganda, look around again and see which side is using the most correct information, and better yet, using it in the right way.

That is how to tell which side of any argument is most likely correct.

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