Learn to Reverse Your View

Posted May 09, 2011

Sometimes, especially in cases concerning your country/team/organization/etc vs "the opposition", it is very easy to disparage and disagree with what the other side says or does.

However there is much wisdom to be had if you allow yourself to honestly view the exact same situations from the other side. (Especially since, based on simple actions of cause & effect, your "side" is likely to be on the other side of a similar issue eventually anyway.) Or at the least, to imagine a similar situation, in which you are on the opposite side of actions.

For example, imagine if:

Under this situation, imagine the US government were to publicly denounce the action, saying it was close to being an act of war, even though the US government was supposedly also looking for the terrorist.

Wouldn't you think that the US stance would be a bit over-the-top?

Of course the US would be unhappy that a foreign government conducted military activities on US soil, but then again, we've done that.

However, in the end, both Russia and the US both wanted the death of this particular terrorist, and therefore should simply say "good job, Russia".

So when I see Pakistan's official reaction to what occurred, I am forced to conclude they are unhappy with the death of Bin Laden at the hands of US troops and feel violated.

And I am forced to ask, why?

Perhaps I need to try to reverse my view and try to see things their way. Perhaps I'll gain better understanding. I honestly want to understand their point of view. Whether I agree or not with them in the end almost doesn't matter. There are tons of issues that I completely understand the opposing view, but still disagree.

So long as I can truly understand the view of those who disagree with me, I'll be a better person myself, with a better understanding of Reality.

And this will lead to better decisions on my part.

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