Ahead of the Curve

Posted Jun 15, 2011

So I just watched a show called "What Happened Before the Big Bang" on the Science channel.

Toward the end, the scientists seems to come to the current theory that the big bang was preceded by..... a previous big bang.

A fairly new idea. Oh, and did I mention it was something I hinted at over ten years ago?

In my article "Exploding the Big Bang Theory" (originally shown here on my old site (Way Back Archive Link), plus reposted here) I discuss the problems that pokes such a big hole in the Big Bang theory.

In this case, what I specifically wrote was:

If a Big Bang actually occurred, the most likely scenario is that is part of a cycle of explosion, contraction, explosion and contraction ad infinitum. One explosion is simply one generation of an infinite life span.

What I was showing here was the concept of a Big Bang, leading to a Big Crunch, that flows naturally into the next Big Bang. A concept almost mentioned word for word during this show.

The show mentions that the scientists are starting to come around from the idea that nothing occurred before the big bang, to yes, things did occur before it.

This is good. It's good because it's a positive step toward these scientists slowly throwing the incorrect idea of a Big Bang and slowly arriving at my belief that the Universe is infinite in both time and space, and that if a big bang-type event occurred, it's simply a lively event within the Universe, and not the creation of it.

I know I'm not the 1st one to mention these ideas. Yes a lot of those learned scientists came upon these thoughts long ago, and I'm sure they arrived at them without my help at all. In fact, these TV shows often post 20 yer old science as "new" and "revolutionary".

However, it's still nice to see the "latest" science shows finally start mentioning things I came to understand years ago.

Yes, I'm patting my self on the back for now. This isn't the 1st time, nor will it be the last where I can show evidence where I can affirmatively say "told you so".

And yet, no one ever seems willing to listen to me. Too often in life I feel like Cassandra. Well, perhaps a male version, anyway.

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