If I Were President

Posted Jun 15, 2011

If I were running for President of the United States, or better yet, if my ideal candidate were to run, here would be the positions on certain topics I would love to see.

First, let me preface this by saying that a vast majority of my opinions can be summed up in two words: Personal Choice.

The citizens of the United States of America are too diverse to have too many laws blanket all of us as if we are all the same. We aren't. And with that in mind, here are the issues and the way I'd personally prefer to see them handled.

Economic Issues

The US economy depends on the private sector. The key word is "private". All employers should be free to run their business as they see fit. If they fail, they fail. So long as the 4 main laws are upheld, people should be allowed to succeed or fail on their own terms.

Free Trade (Import/Export)

Under US Constitution Article 1, section 10: "No State shall, without the Consent of the Congress, lay any Imposts or Duties on Imports or Exports, except what may be absolutely necessary for executing it's inspection Laws: and the net Produce of all Duties and Imposts, laid by any State on Imports or Exports, shall be for the Use of the Treasury of the United States"

Currently, many import/exports fees, tariffs, etc. are used as taxes/punishments upon other nations for various reasons. This must stop.

Minimum Wage

There should be no minimum wage laws. Those other countries that have not had such strict wage laws were often made fun of, but are now being shown to be making massive profits precisely because of those lack of restrictions.


A private sector issue. Change will occur in all sector at all times.


Any industry where it is essentially impossible to work in without belonging to a union, that union will be considered a monopoly and dissolved.


It is perfectly natural for us to explore space as much and as thoroughly as we explore our own world. NASA will continue the work fed. gov't requires of them, although the gov't will also highly encourage private sector exploration of space as well.

Oil and Energy

No source of potential energy should be abandoned. And again, the private sector should be encouraged to provide their own solutions to any potential issues and problems that may arise. Also home and building-specific energy options will be encouraged as well. Gov't run utility companies showing healthy profits will not be allowed to increase their rates.

Government Reform

Smaller gov't, less taxes, money actually being used for its intended purpose, instead of being siphoned for other less-correct purposes.

Federal Budget

If the federal budget can not be met, the following actions will be taken:

These will continue until the federal gov't is small enough to live within it's reduced means, including the ability to pay all debts held on it.

Tax Reform

All gov't activities will be minimized and the corresponding taxes will be eliminated. Lower taxes will allow the private sector to easier absorb those federal employees that lose their jobs.

The tax codes are not under the jurisdiction of the executive branch, but the right president will fight for the following actions:

Income tax brackets will be removed and, more important, reduced as much as possible.
Tax credits, deductions, etc. will also be negated/removed as much as possible until taxes become simply "the state and federal gov't will take X% of your income for taxes." Ideally this amount will be as low as possible.

Also preparations will be taken to move the US tax system into a straight sales tax system. All sales of goods, services, (service fees, etc.) will be taxed X% for gov't income. Income taxes will be abolished. You will be taxed on what you spend, not what you make.

Medicare and Medicaid

These simply don't work financially, if only because the funds keep getting "borrowed".

All those currently paid/paying into the system will get what they paid for. However, they will be considered "grandfathered" into a dead system. Medicare/Medicaid will no longer be available to those kids not paying into the system yet. Obviously they won't be paying Medicare/Medicaid taxes from their paychecks, and can put that money toward private options. Eventually the rest of us on Medicare/Medicaid will die off and so will it.

Social Security

S.S. is a broken, abused system that must be dismantled just as Medicare.

Campaign Finance

Simple. Every person should have the ability to spend whatever they wish to enter the government position they are trying to hold. Any person, company, etc. should be able to donate as much as they please.

However, all donations need to be public information. People have the right to know who is paying for person X to enter politics. Yes, this does mean rich people have an advantage. There is absolutely no political campaign setup that those with money can't gain an advantage over poorer opponents. So I prefer public knowledge over false restrictions that will be broken anyway.


Police will be better financially rewarded for their work. they will be highly encouraged to enforce the four main laws, and the lessor revenue-producing laws would be de-emphasized. The justice system will be reworked to move toward a more investigation system, instead of an accusation system.

Death Penalty

It would not be in the best interest of the USA to completely remove this option. Although it should only be used for severe cases, such as convicted repeat murders where all indications are that they will kill again if allowed.


Again, we enter the issue of personal choice. It should be legal to use any alcohol, drug, etc. you wish. The Fed. gov't will run education campaigns to make sure folks know of possible dangers.

Mandatory Sentencing

Any minimum sentencing will be small, in order to allow the judges freedom to impose proper punishment according to the actual facts of the case.


Those born in other countries that want US citizenship, should be able to experience a thorough and fast background check. It shouldn't take years to be welcomed to our country. The immigration system will be streamlined, sped up and focused on investigation.

Illegal Aliens

Those that enter our country without permission will be removed to their own country as soon as possible. Those that are repeat offenders will get transported to a country far away from us. And no, they will have no say on where they're taken. You broke our laws repeatedly. You pay the consequences.


The issue of military protection of the USA is one of the main functions of the fed. gov't. All branches of military should be properly paid, trained & equipped. Inactive veterans will be taken care of health-wise.

Foreign Military Bases

All foreign lands containing US military bases will be given the option to officially request those bases be removed. If asked, that base will be removed, provided there is no immediate threat of that country attacking the USA.

Military Pay

Quite simply, military personnel should never be paid too little, in relation to similar private sector options. However, it should also be kept in mind that their housing, medical bills etc. are covered outside of their base paycheck.

Military Personnel

Any citizen should be allowed to volunteer for the military. Details of gender, race, sexuality, etc. are non-issues, so long as they want to do their part to serve & protect America.

Missile Defense

It is the obligation of the fed. gov't to prepare viable & realistic defenses for any and all possible types of attack from hostile forces.

Nuclear Weapons

The size and strength of any artillery should be large enough to preferably deter, or if needed, win against, any potential hostile forces.


It doesn't matter if the USA is formally attacked by another nation, or attacked by a small group, or by a single individual. All attacks will be responded to in an appropriate way. The concept of trying to induce terror will simply be seen as another method of attack and will be countered as needed.

Foreign Policy (General)

It is time for the USA to stop focusing so much time and money on other countries. More specific issues to follow.


We've given financial aid for years. All indications are that too much money goes into the pockets of corrupted officials and don't make it down to the people who need help. It makes no sense to spend federal money on failing assistance programs. So the simple solution is to stop spending that money and allow private people & companies with closer ties to provide whatever help they can.


If they produce inferior, dangerous products, the private market will punish them as needed, no different then doing business between any other country.


We should not militarily occupy any country we have no intention of making a state of the union.


Of course the US will help their allies/friends when they are attacked, but for day-to-day issues, Israel is not part of the Union. However, if they are attacked on a daily basis, that may need to change.


Again, we should step back and let each country develop on their own, with less, "governmental encouragement" from us.


See Immigration

Affirmative Rights

By definition, choosing someone because of their race, color, religion, sex, etc. is the exact same as discriminating against all others that do not have that physical trait.

The Executive branch will maintain hiring practices that will not reward, nor penalize someone because of insignificant personal traits. Making sure they have the necessary schooling, training, experience, etc. to fulfill the position will be the main employment criteria.

However, in focusing on the main point of "personal choice", I would fight to have all laws against discrimination in the workplace removed. If a business owner, for whatever reason wants to hire only specific races, or whatever, that's their choice. However, I'm sure the financial backlash of their actions from their customers (I.E. boycotting, etc.) would keep these problems to a minimum.

No person should be given a job if their boss does not want them there for any reason. It is a poor and usually unhappy situation for the employee and employer, and they would be better separated.

Civil Rights

Again, simple: All laws giving any benefit based on creed, race, etc. means those who are not of that group are held different. All of Those laws should be removed completely.


This is the height of personal choice. Let's look at individual sexual issues.


It is already legal in specific parts the USA, and should not be prevented by the Fed. Gov't.


A person should be allowed to love and spend their lives with whomever they choose. It shouldn't be an issue for the fed. gov't to have to invade. Male/female, same sex, group, etc. It is the decision of those specific people involved to decide how they prefer to build their family and relationships.

Families & Children

Parents are responsible for the upbringing of their children. 'Nuff said.


I want as few abortions as possible, yet pregnant woman should still have the choice.

The Government will maintain an education campaign to help ensure those dealing w/ unexpected pregnancy will be aware of all options, such as adoption, child raising assistance, etc.

Gay Rights

No one should receive restrictions nor bonuses based on their sexuality. To do so would fall under the issue of affirmative action, handicapping whichever group that rule would be against.


History is rife with mistakes, but no one is responsible for other people's actions. This is especially true of the actions of our forefathers, related or not. Nor should anyone request the restitution that rightfully belongs only to those who were actually wronged. No one should get special payment just because they are similar in race or any other way to specific people who correctly deserve an apology.

However, in cases where there are specific people who are still alive while their tragedy is recognized, they should receive all the compensation they deserve. Financial compensation for improper incarceration, health issues taken care of, education for new employment if needed, etc, should be offered.

Civil War fallout

During the American civil war, the confederate states were beaten and forced to remain a part of the USA. However, hate among that issue has filtered down through the generations of some people, and it's time to end it one way or another.

Under this presidency the citizens of the following states:

Will be given a one-time majority rules vote to peaceably secede from the Union.

Those states that vote yea will be given 1 year to allow for creation of their government, US citizens wishing to remain such, to move to Union states, etc. after that year, states that voted to leave the US will no longer have any government connection with the USA. Their seats in the Legislative branch will be dissolved. All state representation will be nullified, etc. All US citizens living in those states will have their US citizenry revoked. They will be considered a foreign nation unto themselves, unaffected by US law, taxes, and responsible for themselves. All international import/export laws will apply to them as well. They will be responsible for declaring their own monetary system.

If by chance the president who does this is a legal resident of a state that leaves, they must move their residency to a Union state by the deadline, or immediately forfeit their place in US government.

Obviously the ideal situation is for all states to vote to remain, and for all past problems to be considered dead and buried. Again, however, it's down to personal choice.


Most schools should be privately held organizations. Minor Gov't guidelines will be made to cover state run schools, but in all cases, everyone will have the ability to choose which schools they wish to send their children to.

Federally funded college/school grants (money that does not need to be paid back) will be almost completely removed, in lieu of loans that must be paid back, just like any other loan. (The exception to the school grant issue will be cases such as the above Native Indian issue. But beyond that, grants will be essentially gone.) The interest on those loans will not be so low that the private sector ca not offer their own options.


Of course all actions under the direction of the Executive branch will hold recycling and all related actions in high order. Private business will be encouraged, but what they do with their materials is their own choice.


Most farm grants, subsidies, etc. meant to help "small mom & pop farms", are outdated. The money goes mostly to huge corporate farms. That should be stopped.

Gun Control

All US citizens who don't steal, murder, etc. should be allowed to buy any weapon(s) they choose. However, those who commit crimes using weapons will lose that privilege.

Health Care

As with school, these should be mostly privately owned, with minimal gov't run options. The private section should run almost all cases, w/ gov't stepping in only in rare cases when private options can't help for whatever reason, such as small far away towns where no one has figured how to operate healthcare profitably yet. However, in all cases, when the private market has covered basically all cases, the gov't options should be closed.


Personal issue. There are private, religious, family, and local charities to help. If you can't get help through all those choices, I'm hard pressed to believe the fed. gov't can help you.


All laws that impose mandatory insurance for driving, home-buying, etc. will be removed. Insurance is a good idea, and folks should get the appropriate ones. However, that personal choice should not be mandated by law.


All people are free have their own religious beliefs. They are even free to believe no Gods/Goddesses exist at all. However, the moment you initiate an attack someone, using religion as a reason, you will be treated just like any other criminal that assaults their victims.

If someone came along with political aspirations similar to what I described here, I would work for their campaign and fight for them with all my might.

Notice that I did not specify any political party requirements. Based on the above choices, I doubt I'd have to explain why that's a non-issue.

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