Brainstorms #1

Posted Dec 29, 2011

I always have lots of ideas. New products. New movie scripts. Etc. However, I just never write them down or do anything with them.

Well, hopefully I can reduce the 1st problem a bit. So I'll place some of my ideas out here for public viewing.

My only request: If you take any of my ideas and expand upon them to the point of profiting, I do expect some monetary reimbursement. Just consider this my "poor man's patent/copyright."

OK, on to the ideas:

To launch space craft cheaper:
To reduce rocket fuel usage, you want to get the space craft as far into the upper atmosphere as possible. To maximize this idea, consider picturing the atmosphere as water. Create a "bubble" that's lighter than lower-level air while carrying the ship. (Picture a blown-up balloon w/ a toy plane in it pushed to the bottom of a pool.)

When the "bubble" reaches "floating height" it opens. The escaping "gas" could also be used to help give the ship initial push. While the ship finishes it's space-ward journey, the deflating "bubble" heads to Earth for another use.
(Typical gases won't work for this. It will require creating some specific substance that we won't mind losing into the outer atmosphere.)

A better paper scanner:
You see the paper scanners that are meant to read the receipt, business card, etc. and store the information for you on your computer.

Connect those scanners to a paper shredder, so that as it gets scanned, it moves right into your shredder.

Saves a trip to the trash can, and makes it more likely the paper gets recycled.

Improved heating/cooling:
This is an overall idea that I can see working in many cases, but I'll illustrate it w/ a single example. We'll use a hotel, but any big 24/7 business would work fine. In fact, the bigger, the better.

As the air conditioner pulls heat from the air flowing through it, why not point that excess heat over to the water heaters.

One product to remove heat. Another to add it. Seems like a logical connection.

Retrieving lost energy:
Many metal foundries, manufacturing plants, etc. have massively heated sections where the excess heated air escape through chimneys. This is required to help keep workers from getting cooked.

Why not place wind turbines in the chimneys to create electricity from the escaping air?

Even if it's only enough to power the phones, it's free electricity.

That's a few ideas for now. More later.

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