Brainstorms #2

Posted Feb 26, 2012

NOTE: This is a repost of an article I had up on a now dead forum I made. I first posted this June 27 2005:

One time, I was talking to a guy while he was waiting for his wife to finish shoe shopping. We came across a great idea for a business. I ran this idea across other people and have received almost unanimous agreement on this idea. So I'm placing it out for others to consider and see what you think. Here's the idea:

A fully stocked clothing store, connected to a sports bar.

The idea is simple: The men have place to relax while the women go shopping. If they need the man for some opinion, last minute waist measuring, etc. he's right there. The clothing store is connected directly to the bar so you can walk from one to the other, allowing the lady to ask "what do you think" right in the bar, where he can say with pride that it'll look great on her.

I've already considered the pros and cons for this business and like it, but I'm interested in hearing what you guys think.

I've also been told by a few people that this idea is already in business. However I have my doubts because none of them were ever able to tell me the name of the business, where it is, or anything. They just say "Oh someone's already doing that" or Yea, there's already a business like that." but when I asked for specifics, they can never give a straight answer. The point is that I don't think this business has been created yet. However, if you want to create or open a business like this, please make sure this is NOT where you got the idea, otherwise I will ask (politely, of course) for my fair share of the proceeds.

After all if you open a business based on an idea I (or anyone else) offer here, I don't think a "finders fee" is such a bad request to fulfill.

Setting that aside, what do you think? Do you think a business like this could work? Think it would make a decent profit?

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