Reality of Government Surveillance

Posted Jun 16, 2013

So this whole business of project Prism, and the other projects made for mass surveillance of all Americans electronic activity is rather interesting on a few levels that I don't read anyone mentioning.

Level #1: I recall not that long ago (as recently as last month) real life stories, jokes, warnings and fiction based upon how wicked the Russian government was because of all their spying on their own people. I mean we literally waged wars over that country plus others because they had the gall to create police states and monitor everyone's activities.

And remember what happened to anyone that said something those in the government disliked?

POOF! Gone.

Which leads me to:

Level #2: Some folks are wondering exactly what is the problem with the US government taking a World War II Soviet Russia-style approach to security? after all aren't we in a war against terrorists that could attack us at any moment? If the government doesn't take this approach we could have another 9/11 on our hands. So what's the problem?

For that answer, I'd like to remind you about what was learned right before Prism became publicly known about the IRS intentionally monitoring and yes, harassing Conservative and religious groups and even individuals.

Whether you like the groups that the IRS has been attacking doesn't matter. Whether you think those groups should be denied non-profit status isn't the point.

The point, when you honestly and truly connect these two government stories together is simple:

We are talking about a government setup that not only can and does track everything you do, but depending on who may be in charge, could suddenly decide that some part of your life goes against "the best interests" (however they define that) and suddenly you and those you love are now the criminals. Then they can and will attack you on not just a criminal level, but taxes and all other levels the government has access to.

Remember that Twitter post you made a few months back about that oil leak? Suddenly there are official reasons why your car registration is being denied and you legally aren't allowed to drive anymore.

It doesn't matter what side of any fence you're on, it will offend somebody in government. How comfortable are you that those government officials will never retaliate? Honestly how comfortable does this make you?

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